The First Issue of My Free Substack!

Updates on America’s favorite writer

Hey, it’s me, the world’s greatest writer and all-around cool dude, Frank J. Fleming, and I have a Substack now. I’m calling it “Frank Talk” because I didn’t want to spend more than 5 seconds coming up with a name. This will be replacing my newsletter, and in addition to updates on my novels, I’ll be using this to also put out short stories and other fun stuff. So be excited.

I’ll give you a moment to get excited.

That’s should do it; let’s move on. Anyway, I know everyone is becoming billionaires on Substack, but I’m going to keep this free for now. If you want to give me money, just buy my books. You all own all my novels, right? If not, to paraphrase Mr. T, your foolishness fills me with a deep feeling of sorrow for you.

Oh, and I don’t plan to write politics on this as long as it’s free. I have all the correct opinions on politics which is a very valuable thing and it would be immoral to just give that away without charge. If everyone begs me for some new way to give me money, though, I’ll see what I can do.

Superego Update

Everyone is always asking, “Hey! When is the next Superego?”

I’m working on it dude. I’m not like certain Game of Thrones authors I won’t name. I do have another writing responsibility with being the Senior Writer for The Babylon Bee — a very important position because if I don’t make fun of stuff, people won’t know what’s dumb — but every day I sit down and spin pure gold in the form of my next novel.

So here’s the good news: I’m actually finishing up the 2nd draft of the third Superego — Superego: Betrayal — right now. When this draft is done, it will go to the alpha reader — my wife, the lovely and talented SarahK — whose main job is to keep me from embarrassing myself. After she gives it a look over and tells me it’s not horrible, then I will be looking for beta readers. If you’re interested, just make sure you’re subscribed to Frank Talk and respond to the call when I soon send that out. Also, make sure you’ve purchased and read the first two books about everyone’s favorite intergalactic, psychopathic hitman.

After my third Superego is done, I’m going to be busy on the next Hellbender. I’m hoping to make the sequel even crazier and funnier than the previous. I’ll be aiming for that for each sequel until the last one is basically a hilarious fever dream.

The Best of The Babylon Bee

Here’s some of the best of The Babylon Bee, i.e, stuff I wrote. I don’t usually like to take credit since it’s all a team effort, but really, everything funny on that site is because of me.

Man Can’t Wait To Get Vaccine So He Can Go Back To Isolating While Wearing A Mask But Now Doing So While Vaccinated

Democrats Propose Packing Court With Illiterate Justices To Make Sure There’s No Chance They’ll Be Influenced By The Constitution

'Am I Being Detained?' Shouts Libertarian Toddler As He’s Carried Off To Bed

Good Tweets

People keep talking about how Twitter is this horrible cesspool of the worst of humanity. Well, that’s just true if you follow other people than me because I write good tweets that make everyone who reads them a happier, more complete person. Here are examples of some of my great tweets so you can see how to make good tweets too.

That’s how it’s done. What I really should be charging for is Twitter.