New Sidequest Coming

A bonus for my readers whom I love very much

Who would like a sequel to Sidequest?

Sure, we all would, but I kind of wrote it to be a stand-alone story and don’t have any current plans for a sequel and have a bunch of other novels to write in the queue (mainly finishing up the Superego series and writing more Hellbenders).

Still, since I have this Substack now and am trying to have a more “let’s just have fun with this” attitude, I wrote up a Sidequest short story in between novels I’m working on. And I’m just going to put it for free here in my Substack, so if you’re getting this, you’ll get the story. I don’t know when I’ll have it out — it still has to be edited and I got other novel priorities to handle and stuff I get paid for will always get priority over the free stuff.

BTW, you understand how this works? I put free stuff here and then you buy my novels to give me money. Just making sure everyone knows that.

Anyway, the short story takes place after the novel, and thus I highly recommend reading Sidequest first. So get to it if for some strange reason you haven’t done that.

Call for Beta Readers for Superego 3 Coming Soon

I’m doing some finishing touches on the next Superego — Superego: Betrayal — and will be sending out a call for beta readers very very soon. If you’re interested, just make sure you’re subscribed to this Substack because you’ll respond by replying to the email. I’m very excited for more people to see this story because, well, a lot happens in it.

The Best of The Babylon Bee

It’s time for more of The Babylon Bee that was written by me, the world’s greatest writer!

Republicans Propose Cheaper 'Medicare For Al'

Oh, come on. How did this flop? It’s the funniest thing ever, you idiots!

Dick Cheney Invites Trump On Reconciliatory Hunting Trip

I love the surprise ending to this. Heh. The butt.

Birthrates Continue To Plunge Despite Wide Pool Of Available Men Who Are Good At Both Video Games And Quoting Star Wars

This doesn’t describe anyone I know.

Whimsical Father Pretends To Mishear Son Saying His Name Is 'Hungry', Spreading Good Cheer To All

Just a personal favorite. “Oh ho ho, father! Well met!”

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