Need Beta Readers for Superego 3

Be the first to read Superego: Betrayal

It’s time for beta readers for the third Superego novel, Superego: Betrayal!

The lovely and talented SarahK gave it its first read and declared it good (after she had me change a few things like the excessive profanity and all the gratuitous sex scenes — such a prude!). So now Superego: Betrayal is ready for others to give it a look. It’s a bit different from the first two, something you’ll notice right away.

So how do you become a beta reader? Just reply to this email saying you’re interested and I’ll pick some of you (probably with preference given to people who have given me good feedback in the past). If you do become a beta reader, I’m not looking for corrections on minor typos (the novel will be professionally edited later), but instead, I’m looking for larger errors and just general criticisms like if parts didn’t make sense or, worst of all, were boring.

If you do become a beta reader, what I ask is that you get back to me decently quickly — a few weeks at most (I’m pretty sure the novel doesn’t need large changes and I want to get to editing it and putting out in not too long a time) and that when the novel does come out, you agree to write a review on Amazon.

Thank you, gentle dear readers.