Fupdate 11/24/21

It's "fun" + "update" because it's a fun update.

You know I used to blog. I gave it up because I have only so much writing time in the day, doing articles for The Babylon Bee, and working on my novels. I still tweet, though. You know why? It’s simple. I have an idea. I type it up. It’s done.

So, what I’m trying to do now is make my Substack simpler. Because sometimes I just want to do a quick post, but then you have to come up with a title and a subtitle and find some image without rights issues to go with it… and ugh, it’s time-consuming.

You see what you’re getting right here? Your a getting an inner glimpse into the creative process to see how small bits of laziness and tedium can halt forward progress.

Anyway, I’ve come up with a brilliant idea: The Fupdate. It’s “fun” plus “update” because it’s a fun update from me, Frank J., who is a really cool dude. And I’ll use a standard title that takes no thought and the same image for each one so it’s easy. Maybe I’ll vary the subtitle. Maybe I won’t. Who knows. The future is a vast ocean of possibility.

Anyway, this is just a quick way for me to say, “Hey, how you doing?” (BTW, I heard there was a pandemic going on; you all doing fine in that?) and tell you what’s going on. And I can throw in some fun stuff too.

Because I’m fun.

What’s Going On

So I was hoping to have the next Superego out this year, but it’s looking more like early next year now. My wife, the lovely and talented SarahK wanted to have a pass on the manuscript to make sure we give you the best possible novel, and this stuff takes time. It’s a process, dude; I’d love to just throw it out there, but it has to be up to exacting standards. Anyway, I’m really excited to get it to you; this one has a lot of twists and turns and ended up much more complicated than the previous two.

As for the Hellbender sequel, I’m cruising through the second draft of that one (though I’ll most likely slow a bit for the holidays). This one is less complicated because it’s so stupid, but it’s also a lot of fun, and I’m really enjoying reading what I already wrote in this second pass-through (Lulu is so crazy). So probably early next year, I’ll be looking for beta readers for those interested. And after I get the second draft done, I’ll start work on the fourth (and possibly final) Superego.

So 2021 will be a year with no novels from me; sorry. There’s no one more disappointed than me because novels are how I get money from you. And I need that money to buy my children fancy hats.

Fun Stuff

As you probably know, I write for The Babylon Bee. I usually write one article for them a day, but there are no bylines, so a fun game you can play is to try and guess which ones I did. Anyway, here are some fun ones I wrote recently:

New Regulations Require That Social Media First Be Tested On Monkeys

It’s got monkeys; they’re funny.

Progress: U.S. Military Introduces Very First Gender-Neutral Bomb

Actually, this one makes no sense.

Toddler Review: Mud—A Stimulating Medium For Both Art And Recreation

Oh, that Oliver.

Oscar The Grouch Refuses The Vaccine, Stocks Up On Ivermectin

He would listen to Joe Rogan.


So, here’s a question for those who stuck through this all the way: If I did a paid Substack, what kind of content would you be interested in?

I mean, only getting money from you every time I put out a novel isn’t optimal; I’m sure you want to give me more money. So paid Substack. Plus, I was thinking it would be neat to have a paywall to put all my cancelable opinions behind. I’ve tried not to be too political here because I don’t like giving out my correct opinions for free, but if people are paying for it, I will oblige. Also, a paid Substack would give me more motivation to write short stories to put up here, and I like writing those. And there is probably a bunch of other fun stuff I could write, too.

Fupdates will always be free, though. Because I love you.

Just something I’m thinking about for maybe next year. So, what kind of content would you like? Please tell me by commenting on this on Substack or replying to the email.

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