Frank Talk: Trans Issues

Time to speak frankly about a controversial issue

I probably should have started a paid Substack and his this behind a paywall, but oh well. Despite this being an issue where you can quickly get canceled if you say what you truly believe, I’m just going to charge ahead and give my honest opinion on trans issues. Buckle up!

Trans issues have gotten an increasing focus, especially within elite circles in metropolitan areas where people think that trans would be beneficial. To understand this, we first have to look back to when trans first appeared in the U.S.

The history of trans goes back to the 19th century, though initially, trans were only on the coasts. But with the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad, we finally had trans throughout the country, including the middle of the country that had, before then, been treated by most people almost like it was an uninhabitable desert.

Now we enter the era of trans dominance, but it wasn’t to last. In the following century came cars and airplanes. Trans were relied on less and less until we reached the modern era where trans are a niche market for the cheap transportation of some goods over land. Still, many progressives today say we need more trans — specifically high-speed trans — to meet our needs. I’m sorry, but this is just silly thinking. Trans are mainly a thing of the past. And you can cancel me for saying that, but if you’re going to come at me physically, you’re most likely going to take a plane or a car.